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"The smallest amount of effort could have saved this child"

"The smallest amount of effort could have saved this child"

There have been warning indicators

Before Four-year-old Kendall Chick died on December eight, 2017 because of the use of suspected youngsters, and earlier than the police charged his main guardian, Shawna Gatton, for murder, and Gatto and his spouse – Stephen Hood, Grandfather of Kendall – expressed their reservations as to whether or not they could take care of the woman at Wiscasset's residence, the place the state had positioned her.

”Gatto wrote to Hood in weeks earlier than Kendall's demise, which was distributed during his month.

Kendall Chick died many occasions.

In another, Hood wrote to Gato: “Call DHHS, see what they say. If they think they need special care, they can place him. Great, take her. ”

But didn’t call. And it seems the state by no means referred to as them.

One of probably the most putting revelations about Gatto's weeklong murder trial this month got here when Hood was asked to help whether it was true that the Health and Human Providers Department checked Chick only as soon as each three years he was with a couple. "Yes," he replied.

Authorities officers wouldn’t say how typically the employees visited Kendall or mentioned other particulars of his case, but DHHS coverage requires caseworkers to face personal visits to state detained youngsters on a monthly foundation.

"I am convinced that Kendall would be alive today if someone had been in the house and seen these bruises," stated Windham Senate Invoice Diamond, who sat for a number of days Gatto-trial regulation, the goal of which is to deliver the continued reforms and monitor youngster safety . “There were so many red flags that just made you sick. The smallest amount of effort could have saved this child. ”

The fate of Gatto is in the arms of the Supreme Courtroom, William Stokes, who’s convicted on April 30. If he’s sentenced to murder, he can be in jail for 25 years.

Regardless of what happens to Gatto, Kendall – together with 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy, who died of baby abuse in Stockton Springs three months later – continues to be a logo of a damaged system.

Two deaths sparked public outcry and referred to as for reforms that continue immediately. Final summer time, after the launch of inner and external studies, the recruiter began talking concerning the circumstances of his agency that made his job virtually unimaginable. Unsustainable instances. Excessive employees turnover. Anemic care system that led many staff to spend the night time in lodge rooms with youngsters till protected placements have been discovered.

The strengthening of the repressed baby safety system has turn into a precedence for President Janet Mills and his Health and Human Assets Commissioner, Jeanne Lambrew. Last month, Lambrew testified earlier than the Legislative Management Committee of the Legislator of the continuing efforts some of them had begun within the final yr of President Paul LePage's administration.

“We are especially concerned that our work includes Maine's children and families,” he stated. "And here and throughout the department we are trying to do so openly."

Shawna Gatto, accused of unsuccessful indifference at the dying of Four-year-old Kendall Chick, went to Capital Judicial Middle Augusta. If he was released from prosecution, he could nonetheless be blamed for less crime. Image of the Individual Derek Davis

This openness has not included particulars of DHHS's involvement in the Kendall Chick case. Though some new details came to mild through the Gatto trial, many questions remain.

DHHS spokesman Jackie Farwell gave written answers to telegram questions however didn’t handle the precise issues of Kendall. based on regulation, the institution stated in a press release. "There are limited exceptions in the case of a child's death, but there will be no release when the Commissioner decides, on the advice of the Secretary General, that such disclosure would endanger a criminal investigation or proceeding."


Kendall Chick was born on November 26, 2013 to Alicia Chick and Scott Hood. Both mother and father fought with substance abuse.

Hood was by no means within the picture. Aliciala typically seemed to keep in touch with the DHHS as a result of Kendall was born underneath the affect of medicine. He was among the growing number of Maine youngsters with medicine, because the opioid disaster destroyed the state. It has turn out to be one of the most typical causes for DHHS intervention.

Alicia Chick had additionally lost custody of previous youngsters. The state would not say the place these youngsters are, or whether or not those who accepted them additionally requested for Kendall's approval.

Within the trial, Stephen Hood stated that he and Gatto did not even know his granddaughter for the primary seven months of his life. Once they have been launched, Kendall stayed with Hood and Gat over the weekend here and there. Typically the weekend turns into a number of weeks

Stephen Hood stands outdoors the courtroom of Augusta last week. Defense legal professionals, Shawna Gatto, claimed on Monday that Hood could be a suspect in his Four-year-old grandchildren's demise in 2017. Press Herald photograph Eric Russell

Sooner or later, DHHS stepped in and left Kendall's mom, which suggests there were respectable allegations of abuse or neglect , and the kid was thought-about harmful. But the details that abuse or neglect earlier than deletion have not been made public.

The courtroom paperwork showed that Gatto instructed that he and Hood take the woman. Gatto, who has two bred boys, was also a daily guardian and nanny for his two grandchildren.

The location was commonplace. Based on the Authorities, the division “gives priority to an adult relative to an unrelated caregiver when he determines the placement of a child, as long as the adult relative meets all relevant state child protection standards.” The quantity anticipated for approval rose from 480 to 576 in response to the 2019 Youngsters Rely, which consists of the youngsters's well-being revealed by Mausta's Youngsters's Association, a non-profit organization based mostly in Augusta. Only eight different states have the same number of youngsters ready for approval.

Research show that kinfolk positioned with family members have better long-term outcomes, even if they do not end up uniting with their mother and father

. But the circumstances for Kendall's placement are unclear

It isn’t recognized whether or not he was a relative or part of a security plan, a much less formal and structured placement that permits mother and father to work with those working in the employment relationship to get their youngsters back earlier. Safety plans have been underneath the supervision of the State Baby Protection Commissioner Christine Alber

“When the parents and the DHHS approved the safety plan because the children are at risk for their parents, security plans have often exceeded the planned time and were not properly monitored,” Alberi wrote for the statutory annual report final yr. “Unsecured and poorly supervised security plans often left children without legal protection from their parents and additional resources, such as courts, educators, and guardians (statutory representatives for children under state control).”

and the Household Service Company, and in addition seemed at the effectiveness of safety plans.

One of OPEGA's suggestions was to stop out-of-home safety plans because of their lack.

Farwell, a DHHS spokesman, stated he could solely provide information about present insurance policies and practices and could not speak about what happened in the course of the previous administration.

However he did say that security plans at the moment are getting used solely when youngsters can safely hold with their mother and father and monitor and help DHHS staff and typically wider relations.


State Prosecutors and Gatto Protection Attorneys reviewed the Kendall DHHS data before the trial. Nevertheless, this info just isn’t half of the general public file and there were some details in the trial

Gatto legal professionals raised Hood instead suspect in the course of the protection, however did not go to the circumstances by which Kendall came to life

Jeremy Pratt, one of Gatto's legal professionals, stated he understood why the general public needs to see somebody charged with a toddler's dying. Without talking about it, he stated that it was clear to him that the system failed in Kendall at many factors before his dying.

AUGUSTA, ME – 2. HOME: Maine & # 39; s Chief Government Officer Dr. Mark Flomenbaum at the Metropolitan Middle in Augusta to testify on the second day of a trial of Shawna Gatto, accused of lacking a homicide on the dying of a Four-year-old Kendall Chick. (Profile: Derek Davis / Employees Photographer) Character Profile of Derek Davis

In courtroom interviews with regulation enforcement police, Gatto expressed disappointment that the state lacked info on Kendall's past or his historical past. 19659002] In their interview and in Hood's testimony, each stated they have been afraid to take Kendall out in public as a result of of all of the bruises they held out of accidents. Additionally they argued that he had to see the worry of the physician that he could suspect abuse.

One other element that emerged through the Gatto research was that each he and Stephen Hood have been recovering from opioid issues. Each have been handled by Suboxon

The Windham legislator Diamond stated the very fact shouldn’t have been mechanically rejected from taking Kendall, but he was apprehensive that the state would have wronged or neglected two individuals who have been

. who take the child. The minimum is a felony history examine and a willpower as as to if an individual has been the topic of youngster abuse or neglect. If the kid is placed in parenting, they have to be given a license that requires fingerprints, residence visits and interviews with different members of the household.

Parenting mother and father have to undergo an analogous process, but many occasions these mother and father are usually not licensed. In this case, youngsters might be placed with relations who carry out an abbreviated evaluation and anticipate them to complete a full licensing course of. If there are considerations about such a shortened assessment, the youngsters won’t be positioned earlier than the kin full the complete authorization procedure

It isn’t recognized whether or not Hood and Gatto occurred.

Hood has a number of previous convictions for attacks.

In response to present policies, staff have to satisfy at the least as soon as a month with a toddler, a carer and fogeys


It has also not been clear whether or not the state would combine Kendall together with his mother, which should occur. DHHS goals to convey youngsters along with their mother and father for at the least a yr before working in a permanent place of residence.

There was no request for termination of parental rights.

Kendall was not accepted.

The self-discipline of the Kendall case is unknown. Nevertheless, the workers stated last yr that the directors took off from the Rockland workplace – an workplace that may have overseen the state of affairs in Kendall – and relocated these instances to other district workplaces.

E-mail from the DHHS supervisor to probably the most lately distributed staff In 2005, the message stated the message was made for safety reasons.


Superior Courtroom Justice William Stokes listens to the opening announcement by Assistant Professor Donald Macomber on Monday. The prosecutor described Shawna Gatto, the defendant, as being drowned by taking care of three young youngsters. Profile: Derek Davis

Diamond stated anything concerning the Gatto event, however the area is just not hooked. Final week, he proposed laws to arrange a Standing Committee to deal with long-term solutions to the issues suffered by Maine's baby safety system, some of which was lengthy before Chick's demise.

He stated most frequently, when reforms are being made, they are reactive

For instance, he stated that final yr, former Prime Minister LePage – no additional spending on DHHS – proposed a $ 21 million funding for youngster protection companions.

drawback, "Diamond stated. “In many cases, we have no places where these children can go. There are not enough farms or families that can safely take them. ”

One of the most important issues with the Youngster and Household Providers Company in the course of the LePage administration was turnover. For eight years, the workplace had 5 administrators and a further turnover amongst different executives. Caseworker's turnover was additionally exceptionally excessive

At some point earlier than Chick's dying, Hood wrote a second message to Gato about his disappointment with Kendall.

”I don't know what to do to get rid of him? How, ”he wrote. "And if we did, we must bear guilt."

Hood was requested about this SMS during his testimony. He stated he was referring to calling the DHHS, however stated he in all probability would by no means have accomplished it. Kendall's care would have been the final resort, he stated.

The care system can also be inadequate. Though Hood and Gatto would have informed the DHHS that they couldn't take care of Chick, finding a woman might be additionally a challenge.

Alberi has been cautious not to talk about Kendall's special options, but he agreed with Diamond that the continued discussion that’s occurring now’s long overdue.

"I think that we have a durable debate, and the political will is much more than I have seen," he stated. "It is unfortunate that children must die in these discussions."

DHHS discloses many of its modifications that by no means occurred in the course of the earlier administration. In a press release last month, DHHS introduced that it might recruit 103 staff, of whom 75 have been white-collar staff, to fill vacancies in the baby welfare system.

The establishment has additionally added seven new jobs that cope with entry calls and created a back-office unit with the help of the Company, the Deputy Agency and the Public Security Division.

“I don't think we need to trust the department, no matter how well the intention is, to say,“ We ​​have this, ”Diamond stated. "We have to do more."

Diamond stated it was troublesome for him to see Kendall's pictures that have been badly bruised and lifeless on the autopsy table displayed in courtroom.

But he also stated that the state shouldn’t

In accordance with him, the one good demise event could be a promise to repair a system that failed.