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John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the Entrepreneur On Hearth, which has been awarded "Best of iTunes 2013" with 7.4 million downloads, 829,000 unique listeners and subscribers in 145 nations.

John interviews immediately's most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs 7 days every week and is featured in Forbes, INC & TIME.

John additionally based the Podcasters Paradise; a group where more than 1200 podcasts study to create, develop and fund their podcasts in a strong surroundings.

The Port of Success: Hey everybody, that is George Meszaros' success gate and I’ve John Lee Dumas at the moment, John is the founder and host of a fireplace podcast entrepreneur who received one of the best of two thousand 13 and seven factors of four million downloads and eight hundred twenty-ninety-six distinctive listeners. subscribers in one hundred forty-five in the country.

John interviews as we speak's most enjoyable and successful entrepreneurs, seven days every week, and has been featured in Forbes, INC and Time Journal. John has turned entrepreneurs into a enterprise that generates over 2 hundred thousand dollars a month and shares all the small print in his monthly revenue reviews. John additionally founded a podcasters paradise the place over twelve hundred podcasts study to create, grow and fund their podcasts in a strong surroundings.

I’m very excited that John is a profitable podcast port at the moment. Harbor dot com and order in iTunes

John Lee Dumas: I am excited to be a part of you and George, in fact, ready to ignite.

The Port of Success: Once you began your podcast in two thousand twelve, there were numerous podcasts, it wasn't really a brand new idea, but you managed to stand out and separate yourself, what do you assume individuals have to do in the present day two thousand and fourteen to get the identical success as you’d be creating and separation

John Lee Dumas: There are three letters that I would really like to level out to George, USP, a singular gross sales composition that was one thing I might say was missing. Marketplace Po Dcasting Again In September Two Thousand Twelve, Wasn't Seven Days A Week A Podcast, Wasn't A Podcast, It Was Just A Construction And It Gave Me The Similar Form And Circulate Usually Each Time You Press The Play Button It Is
But In the present day's Recreation George, Satisfaction is far heavier, many individuals get it for apparent causes, it's an unimaginable software and a great way to construct the audience, so the most important podcasters proposal today is to take a look at the market proper now once you want to get in, your ardour, what you're enthusiastic about and then find a method to get down after which down down once more after which up for the third time, you could feel that you’d be just a little an excessive amount of, however consider me if you come to this level, you at the moment are in a spot where you can start, handle that area of interest, construct a score on a fan base in that area of interest and then when You get the momentum of George, then you can begin building a and broaden a bit, but you will by no means get it up should you begin too broad so don't be afraid to slender and manage.

Success Harbor: So it's virtually like a niche down till you are feeling like speaking to one individual.

John Lee Dumas: Completely and it could actually only be one individual because typically you can start with one after which when you have got transformed that individual [Inaudible] you could be like okay, you possibly can broaden the market to ten individuals, now 100 and before you understand it , you might have all these fierce fans because you’ve joined them in a robust means.

Success Harbor: So What Are The Most Effective

John Lee Dumas: What is so robust from a businessman in a fireplace and interviewing podcasts in basic once I started, I used to be no one I had no social credibility, I had no net platform, I had no o nline expertise, I had no interview experience, so I was closely contemplated as a guest now, if I was simply doing one episode every week, it will be four visitors a month, which I might rely on to help me spread the entrepreneur's phrase in the hearth and that might have gone a great distance, however displaying the day by day interview gave me seven days every week to interview inspiring and successful entrepreneurs and get them day-after-day to share their journey with their large audience.
to an entire new degree of people, an entire new set of entrepreneurial fires for the primary time, a few of which have been listening, a part of it turned evangelists and subscribers, and the snowball effect really helped me build the moment once I was still a poor broadcaster once I was nonetheless inexperienced podcast host, however it gave me a chance to construct momentum, which I have now yllänyt the final seven hundred and fifty episodes. 19659005] Menesatama: If you mentioned numbers, seven hundred and fifty episodes, it is virtually scary to somebody who starts and is nearly … you mentioned earlier that you simply found this niche and would actually concentrate on one thing slender. You need to set a objective that’s so scary that different individuals don't even need to attempt to do what you're making an attempt to do.

John Lee Dumas: There is a e-book, a great guide and he really talks about BHAG, Massive Bushy Audacious Objectives and in case you are not prepared to set those massive bushy cruel objectives, guess what, you never reach them, so why not simply Get there and set you a very scary set of objectives and the e-book actually is Jim Collins, how to obtain nice bushy, cruel objectives, so it's really simply considering for individuals.
Shoot the moon, the chances are lost, however a minimum of you descend to the celebs in order that your luck favors bold

Success Harbor: So once I did my analysis, I read about twelve hours of work you've arrange and I'd be shocked in case you nonetheless don't work lots That still in the present day, what advice do you could have for many who have an interest in starting perhaps a podcast, weblog or company, how many hours do you assume they need to anticipate to invest in that enterprise particularly at first?

John Lee Dumas: it actually will depend on what your objectives are, when you have been me and also you went in every thing because I needed my complete firm to rotate around the podcast, needed to construct a enterprise across the entrepreneur, seven days every week a podcast, I went into all of it, I went to ten, twelve hour days, six, seven days every week and I'm still in that rock for almost two years later. The truth is that everyone, A, can't put these efforts instantly, as a result of they have to be deserving, they still have to convey rewards to pay bills, pay for a mortgage, care for youngsters, and so on. There’s nothing flawed with starting an entrepreneur, waking up an hour early, sleeping an hour late, stopping, watching, not watching the superb competition or sound with the celebs.
And as an alternative, you work with your small business as a result of if you are able to do it as a sideline for 2 hours a day for six months and you're in concord with it, you're upset about how far you've come, and this time you possibly can take this leap because you are set the platform enough. I just made a full leap with none information of what I’m anticipating, but I had the monetary help to achieve this, so when you do, I like to recommend going to that route, as a result of nothing is like a hearth, there's nothing like training in the office there’s nothing to restore your back towards the wall and to survive, flourish, but when it isn’t reasonable, a side-based route can be highly effective.
Success Harbor: Tell me what it is a few podcast that makes individuals take notice, there are individuals with the subsequent, Tim Fares is an effective instance, he started podcasting and does a very good job and he already had an enormous forum for somebody who’s starting out now a brand, without an viewers, what they will do, what they have to do to create one thing special so that folks take notice.
John Lee Dumas: It really goes again to the issues we've been speaking about, because it's a real scene throughout the interview. In contrast to Tim Fares, once I began, I didn't have an internet presence, I had no identify, I was nobody in the world, I had by no means carried out any entrepreneurial activity related to my previous uranium, I was an army officer for eight years, I used to be in company finance, I used to be in a business property in XYZ but I knew I needed to mix my elbows with the fitting individuals, so wage a mentor, someone who was in the place I needed to be, Jamie Tardy from the ultimate millionaire

I joined the master [Inaudible] who was actually highly effective because it was full of comparable podcasters, after which I began to attend conferences and rub elbows with actual individuals at conferences with ten Ds [Inaudible]. getting there and building relationships, because when it got here down, the entrepreneur's success in the hearth was constructed out, the number one, the relationships I made with the visitors I had daily of the week and then the quantity two, the unique construction I took in creating the entrepreneur in the hearth, so I discovered it a music to a podcaster you actually need to identify and depart the rock stars of those industries. Ask them to information you.

Ask them to be a visitor in your present, do whatever you’ll be able to to attempt to get them with you and you with them so you possibly can actually turn out to be a robust alliance in this universe and don't be afraid of a slender down before you’re in the world where you possibly can really do some ways to leap into the Pacific Ocean and begin jumping, I'm not going to make any waves that anyone in Japan would discover, but when I leap in my small pool here in my patio, individuals
There may be just a couple of individuals by the pool, however they may notice these waves, So don't be afraid to make waves. 19659005] The Port of Success: You awakened Jamie Tardy and it was one among my questions really, might you give me one example that helped you’re employed with Jamie Tardy?

John Lee Dumas: So a great example is that I sat with Jamie and he agreed that he was going to guide me for three months and it wasn't low cost, it was hundreds of dollars for me to invest as a number one that investments along simply turned my mind is like "Ok, this is real now, I am investing in real money that I have spent a lot of time to work to create and make this mentoring, I'm going to make it the most", so when Jamie looked at me, he stated, "[Inaudible] primary, I would like you to Subsequent week in New York, there’s a weblog world, I'm talking there, different individuals like Pack Flynn, Michael [Inaudible] Corporate Bar speaking at this conference, these are coming to your guest entrepreneur on hearth, I would like you to buy a ticket, get a ticket, get a lodge room, place a lodge room your self, go there and take part in this convention. ”
I was like“ I spend all of these funds investing in Jam ie Tardy and now I have to spend more money on this three-day trip, it is more than a thousand dollars if not more, ”George, that was something I knew was proper, I listened to the mentor, I went there for the first time, I was speaking with other members Those who have been like-minded, these have been individuals who have been in comparable conditions to me, who was so highly effective, I saw this power.
I sat in the front row and listened to the speakers as they continued what they did, went to networking occasions and asked the question s speakers and asked them straight up. I stated, "Hey, pay attention, Jamie Tardy is a mentor they usually all knew Jamie Tardy as a result of he's been a rock star for some time and he's been speaking about occasions and saying," Jamie is my mentor, he's rocking and he's suggested that I would come to you and ask if you would be a guest in your future podcast entrepreneur. "
And George, I received my first couple of luck, as a result of I was there personally when taking a look at these people who ask them whether or not they may serve me entrepreneurs who present social credibility with my mentor Jamie Tardy, I obtained my first couple in my convention, I used to be in a position to return to my small studio and the man that I was in a position to begin writing e-books to other individuals's phrases, hey [inaudible] that they might agree to be in my podcast, I might love to be a part of me and make my first forty [inaudible] just because one journey, just a couple guess,

Success harbor: How rather more efficient are you truly to meet a few of these individuals you want to interview, in contrast to reaching them on Twitter as a result of it seems like me and me…. ask me when you have a special expertise, that for those who take a look at somebody they usually too tsovat you in the eye, it is a lot more durable to say no than it’s simply to ship them 100 and forty characters, why would you want to interview them

John Lee Dumas: I totally agree with you, I get a DM and I get Fb messages and I get e-mails every single day from people who ask me to show, and I can inform you truthfully that once I get now an e-mail proper now as we speak, we’re talking about George & # 39; from and move forward and this has been the past few weeks, I only stated that the letter solely [inaudible] all two thousand and fourteen, whenever you reserved for this I acquired the ebook somewhat ways to advance, and when you’ve gotten booked, I turned quite shortly and so my answer now’s, pay attention, I'm sorry, once I'm absolutely booked the remainder of the two thousand totally different and I'm not even afford two thousand fifteen.
However if you’d like to reach me in January, you realize that we will see where you’re, I mean we will speak about where you need to schedule then and what I say to the asking group that I came from unknown individuals, however George, what am I asking someone who [inaudible] is a superb example of an interview just before this, I went … I was speaking at Jonathon Fields camp in GLP September Status, so I used to be in the state of New York and it was a terrific [inaudible] convention and I spent a number of time with certain individuals , and one was a lady named Lora.
And Lora was an ideal individual, he seemed me in the face and he stated, John, can I have … can I get you to my exhibition, and my answer to all others is that I get e-mails and messages, as you recognize, I'm sorry, I'll be back in January, because I booked, however the answer was to him, pay attention, he [inaudible] E once I obtained again to San Diego, I invite you to tailor in and I did, and it’s this power, I was in search of personally.

Success Harbor: Can you speak about it being useful because networking turns into so much and I interviewed lots of people and networking is probably an important thing when it comes to success, additionally useful for networking, so what recommendation do you might have for individuals who need to attain, want to community, want to develop, how can they assist individuals they need to work together with?

John Lee Dumas: So this can be a very efficient query, as a result of your answer every time you come to somebody who asks for something is, at the start, how can I give worth, how can I be a beneficial individual, so here’s a little technique that I used to with a number of [inaudible] rather well, there have been lots of success over the previous two years, what I'm really drilled and narrowed on something that I actually need to get more worth from the shelf to them by making tweets from re-entering their weblog posts and by commenting on their weblog writings.

By sharing their blogs, commenting and sharing a Fb message, I’ll develop into a helpful individual in the world just to get, give, give added worth, improve the worth, and then after I made it to Gary V's, jab, jab, jab for a while, then I pull this right hook after which say, hey, aside from that is John's unsure when you have talked about, I simply beloved the stuff lately, I shared my viewers for a while, and of course they see it, since you've been doing it for a while. [19459004Kuunteleteentämänmyöhäisennäyttelynseontäydellinensinulletiedänsenkoskaolenseurannutsinuajojonkinaikaajasittentiedätettäsinullaonkoskaheovatnähneetsinutseuraamaanheitäjavainjakamaan[inaudible] to do with you twenty-five minutes of Skype voice name, I would really like to share your journeys viewers and George with the EU, works each time

Success Port: So speak concerning the improvement of an entrepreneur, I imply, have you started that you’ve produced about two million Dollars Income, I imply it's a huge achievement in a world where most companies fail. Rather a lot, however at the similar time you’re also creating as an entrepreneur, how do you modify how you’ve changed in the last couple of years and the way does it aid you to take your self to the subsequent degree as an entrepreneur? [19659005JohnLeeDumas:Jotenhaluaisinkeskittyä[inaudible] Albert Einstein's quote, who’s making an attempt to grow to be a successful human being, but it is going to be value extra personal and George went after the success of most of my life, once I served in sotilaassa, I'm stuck [inaudible] world, I went and I went to regulation faculty chasing success, chasing [inaudible] and then stopped it. It was depressing and I attempted to finance company finance and I was chasing success and respect and straightforward money after which failed
The same story commercially, reality lastly realized six years after these failures, these failures, these sayings that I had stopped every a type of corporations, I noticed that I’m going [inaudible] all fallacious, I attempted to turn out to be a successful one that is a dash, all the time burned out in dash, but if as an alternative it turns into a marathon and I attempt to grow to be a worthy and worthy worth to be an entrepreneur [inaudible] that produces free useful and constant content material seven days every week and simply deliver, produce, produce worth and let the public grow after which my viewers tells me how i can earn a living, and so i received a turning point with my viewers burning nation and what they informed me what they needed and what they needed and what their wrestle and their points have been ache.
Then I might turn, create an answer for them, George, typically an answer and then create [inaudible]

Success Harbor: So the Podcaster paradise is the most important source of revenue, supplying you with the thought of ​​creating this group of paid members, how did you come to that idea?

John Lee Dumas: The Technique I Simply Shared, I Got here Out, My Audience Received Me and Say, John, I really like the podcast, Thanks for the content, I might answer the simplest question you’ll be able to ask your viewers, what are you scuffling with? And the solutions John had, I create my very own podcast on how I can secure my message with the world, how I can create a podcast that permits me to share my voice, permit the audience to scroll, permit me to earn my enterprise and all these questions got here to George and the answer to me was aha-moments.
I’ve to create a group that teaches individuals how to do exactly how to create, grow and finance a podcast and who turned a podcast paradise, George has been two thousand thirteen since October, so just over a yr now, we've produced over a million Greenback Revenue and we have now over fifteen hundred members, because the podcast paradise has began, lots of if not now hundreds of podcasts and extra coming each day and just a tremendous group that is just day by day once they take almost 2 hundred video providers we’ve is each a part of the method.
They are the Duty Responder tab, we agreed to a Created Duty Companion, a thriving Fb group the place individuals can ask for steerage, help feedback, and provides a exact point, again get over fifteen hundred individuals, it's a tremendous [inaudible] degree you get after which do monthly webinars with at this time's podcasts only for podcast paradise each month Q and A session with me.
All these thoughts George, each of those that came with the members, did not come from me, it got here from the members of our group telling us what they needed and what they needed, and then we provided this answer.

Success in the Port: In December, two thousand and twelve, you have got interviews, Barbara, everybody knows her, she's large, it's an enormous victory for you, nevertheless it was two thousand five, so I imply it was a lot simpler immediately you stated you understand I have tens of millions of downloads and tons of of hundreds of subscribers or… in 100 and forty-five nations making an attempt to order 100 and forty-five [inaudible] help for us, but you speak two years virtually two years in the past, so how did you rely someone like Barbara?

John Lee Dumas: See that it's a fantastic question since you don't have such credibility, you don't have this social testimony, however you’ve gotten what you have got and what I exploit, I had a discussion board, I had a reside podcast , I Podcast had one level primary and primary [inaudible] Pocket book or iTunes, I had numerous [inaudible] visitors, in December I had already interviewed virtually a hundred individuals and I had the opportunity to share all these numbers with Barbara and simply say pay attention to this is what I’ve executed up to now, this podcast is simply growing, the episode is going to be green, which signifies that individuals, once they hear entrepreneurs in the primary [inaudible] occasions they return and pay attention to this cycle than it was in
Because for them it’s and it’s another podcasting power and I just pay attention to the worth [inaudible] I might add worth to his Twitter, his tweets, I might add value to him I am a social medi her in any method that may lead me to ask this query, so once I'm completed, I have come throughout an entire stranger, he commented on [inaudible] the place he stated, I really like the troopers, I'll do anything for them, so I started an e-mail saying that I am the US Military veteran, I spend thirteen months in the army and say that you simply do anything for the military, I ask twenty-five minutes to speak to me about your journey with my audience.
That's a reasonably robust question, and it's not very exhausting to say that national tv simply declares you’re doing anything for the army, properly right here's a veteran who has spent 13 months in the struggle, twenty-five minutes, and it was pretty straightforward for him to guess .

Success Harbor: We solely have two minutes left so quick, might you speak, I know you could have several BAs that may show you how to in the beginning, what have been the first outsourced things?

John Lee Dumas: So the primary issues that I undoubtedly outsourced are all unnecessary duties, which signifies that you already know the tasks that can be used [inaudible] by sending an E-mail reminder to future visitors, sending thanks messages to previous friends, going ahead, bio, Skype ID identify and calendar writing, all interviews I had scheduled, scheduled by social media releases and tweets, and Facebook posts [inaudible] doing all the unnecessary tasks I exploit for BA, so my suggestion to anybody is inside every week, right now all you do, after which return on Friday night time and take a look at the tasks you do over
However when you might simply s it at one time and create a video tutorial utilizing a software like JING or SNAGGET, and you may simply show it For BA, how to do it, which will probably be utterly eliminated out of your disk and av aa so much bandwidth and power you didn’t have in the past

Success Harbor: Nicely John I actually need to thank you on your success, and I would really like to thank you in your service and need you rather more success with the entrepreneur in the hearth, how individuals can get in contact with you, get to know some tasks What are you doing now?

John Lee Dumas: So George all the magic happened on and I might advocate to anyone who thinks podcasting could be for them, go forward and get to know the poorly podcast workshops, every week they're free, They are alive, you’ll be able to ask them questions you might have that podcasters paradise dot com and in addition George would really like to get all the listeners as a gift, my e-book podcast launch e free free, E-mail is just not required, just go to [19659005] Success Harbor: John and all others, thank you very a lot.

John Lee Dumas: Thank you George, bye.

: Thanks.