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100 views: face behind the glass (season 6 – section 4)


The extra we study sanctum of people, the extra I started to assume that Abby and Clarke have been proper: perhaps you wouldn’t have good buddies. Nevertheless, this makes all of it the more necessary that our heroes attempt to fill Monty's latest request and be the good guys, particularly in a world the place they seem to be little and much.

The 100 Season 6 Episode 4, "Behind the Glass" written by Charmaine DeGraté and directed by Tim Scanlan, feels genuinely loopy about the well-known roller coaster. I know that a metaphor is used quite often as regards to 100, nevertheless it has by no means felt extra applicable than watching this episode.

After an extremely intense first three episodes filled with emotional baggage, coronary heart racing, and knowledge overload, "Glass behind the glass" provides the public a moment to catch their breath – but just for a minute. The first 30 minutes, throughout this era of ready to go up the hill prime a big drop in the forecasting build and build till the final moments of transmitting the public considerations and the mysteries of six major tasks 100 season.

100 – "The Face behind the Glass" – in the image: Eliza Taylor Clarke – Photograph: Diyah Pera / CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC.


Charmaine Diyoza could be a fairly new character in The 100, but as the chief of her complexity, her fast intelligence and her non-nonsensical angle, she turned followers of the season 5. He have to be a enjoyable character to put in writing (particularly his nickname) because he has the greatest dialogue about the entire show.

100 has wonderful alternatives to explain totally different approaches to maternity and what it means to be a matriarch and Diyoza is an example of it (hah!).

He plays the very reverse of anyone. She uses her intelligence, worry and countless rhythm to make her charming when she is abrasive. Jade, the royal bodyguard of Rose, who I need to know extra immediately, appears to know Diyoza at a elementary degree. Rose might not have been her baby, however she would do nothing to protect her – Diyoza would do the similar to her daughter.

With such an enormous while I'm nonetheless stunned that folks sanctum threatens to go away him outdoors, by giving him the potential and incentive to participate with Gabriel's youngsters. Providing a Hope Shrine, if she takes on her enemy, is sweet sufficient to take Diyoza now, however who has to say that WGs don't supply her higher?

Each minute Diyoza is on display is an absolute pleasure; he works in strategy, humor and clear motivation for each activity. He is out to guard the baby and himself. He's an army. I'm excited to study extra about his background, once we dig for this season.

As Abby stated, "Gabriel's children," it does not apply to the issues we did to outlive. The American patriots sent to colonize this planet keep in mind Diyoza as a horrible evil terrorist, corresponding to some of the world's worst monsters. But he wasn't all the time there. When he was a dedicated soldier, Diyoza turned towards the country when he felt that it turned a fascist regime.

It does not necessarily do something about its violent acts correctly, but history has all the time been biased in the direction of writing it. As we recall "on the rear face to the glass," each story has two sides, and I am prepared to listen to Diyozan.


Octavia Blake is in the land of gods and monsters. The final 22 years haven’t been friendly to Octavia, and he is committed to a justifiable share of cruelty. He bounces between the horrible and the unknown, and he’s very protective and friendly. "Behind the glass," she feels virtually like a savior she has been making an attempt to be from Blodrien.

Rose: They're monsters.

Octavia: So am I.

Octavia is filled with nice self-esteem, and as much as anyone else might hate him, he hates himself more. He isn’t afraid of dying at this level. Actually, it virtually looks like he would accept it as an previous good friend. It makes him impenetrable to CoG threats and just the hero that Rose needs proper now.

100 writers referred to as me a violin. They made positive that I was immediately related to Rose. It labored for me as much because it did in Octavia. This little woman is separated from her blood, and her prisoner thinks she shouldn't exist. No marvel Octavia sees somewhat woman she was earlier than Rose.

She instantly protects Rose by leaping into motion when her life threatens. Octavia has all the time been an interesting character to observe, but he has not all the time been straightforward to love. Octavia in this episode is somebody I comply with with delight – nonetheless boring and ruthless, but not tied to any cause that saves the youngster's life.

It is refreshing to see Octavia in an surroundings the place the solely one that condemns him for his past is himself.

He takes all the info they provide freely by giving up none of their very own power. He additionally refuses to deceive anybody he cares about. Lincoln can be proud.

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100 Season 6 Episode four Octavia Blake

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Octavia has fought his own fears (called demons) because he was born into a world that told him he does not belong, he still does not know where he belongs when he lives at home when he started off from his moment when he starts to feel safe, but he knows how to demons

Octavia: Listen to me, I know you are afraid, but fear is a demon, s Get out your eyes and tell f you're not afraid.

Rose: I'm not afraid.

Octavia: Good! That's how you kill the demon. So what you hear is keeping your eyes closed and you say it further.

Octavia's strategy of killing his demons by refusing his fears may have just led him to run for everything that has ever persecuted him. It works well at the moment – defeating fear by denying its existence first, pushing it away and doing what it needs to survive. But what happens when the demons are closed?

This is just one moment of his journey, and he does not finally bring Rosea home safely (loss associated with others who weigh his mind), but it's great to watch Octavia begin to find the person he really wants to be.

Authorized Enemies The 100 Season 5, Octavia, and Diyoza are now gathering on the same side. Both are former powerful matriarchs whose armies were fighting and dying for them, and both are now completely on their own.

Diyoza: Earth's devils become heroes of Sanctum.

This is a buddy of your dreams, and their team is beautiful to look at.


At the same time, a horrible horror at the heart of Sanctum, which is decorated with bright lights and featuring performative religious practices, is considered inside the radiation dome. The name day is going according to schedule, and the Sanctum people reveal the dark twisted roots of their society.

Sanctum has four pillars: repentance, reform, joy, and rebirth. This section sees Clarke going through all four processes, while our other heroes are caught in different stages.

Improvement and making changes are the first step in most religions, and it seems that Sanctum is no different. However, as is often the case with these religions, Primes's efforts to fulfill these tasks are extremely effective.

Russell begins to forgive processes to Kayle for leaving him and his family during the outer season. Although he really feels sorry for his loss of life, this apology seems far from being genuine.

However, the performance makes a trick that inspires Clark to try to make changes to his sins, especially with Raven and Bellamy.

Raven is the first Clarke's "apology tour," but he's undoubtedly not in the mood. I understand why Raven is aware of how he feels, and why he reacts with a robust sense of anger. He thinks he has an ethical peak. Although he makes some respectable factors with Clarke, I still assume that his capability to feel this manner is partly because of the undeniable fact that he has never needed to make selections that require sacrifice of his soul.

Raven is true in saying that the apology should not be the finish of the debate on making modifications, however the beginning of a therapeutic process that requires action to back up new guarantees and commitments. Recognition ends with the motion plan. To depend on belief and relationships, you must hold the word and be better.

  HUN604A_0179r 100 – "The Face behind the Glass" – pictured (L-R): Eliza Taylor Clarke and Carlo Marks Cillianina – Photograph: Shane Harvey / The CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Excuses are essential, but what are you going to do next? The truth that the next half is the most necessary for Raven. In "Sanctum", all Abby's apologies and promises to be better are not meaningful to him until Abby showed that he has put his promise in action. It's the same with Clarke; Raven cannot forgive him until he really shows that he means what he says.

Raven: He threatens everyone and everything he comes into contact with. The only difference between you and her is that Octavia does not pretend to feel bad.

She is hurt, I wonder why she loses the people she loves and is looking for someone to blame. Clarke is an easy target. He carries it so that they don't need it, and he does the same here.

However, Raven is wrong both in Octavia and Clarke. Their brains do not necessarily work the way they do – keeping him without realizing who has come – but it is clear to the public that both women have profoundly influenced the choices they have had to make.

Octavia and Clarke have buried their guilt at one or the other point because if they hadn't swallowed them in full. They have both isolated it; Octavia destroyed himself with his own internal demons. Clarke is able to distinguish it so that it stays on its own, and Raven condemns him.

Why should Clarken wash his sins when everyone else suffers?

Next, Bellamy apologizes, and although he doesn't seem to be in the mood, he understands much more than Raven. Although he doesn't want to hear it at first, Bellamy's brain works much like Clarke, and he knows what it is like to be in a position that he has often settled in – because he's been there.

Clarke: You're also my family. I've forgotten about it, but I promise that I will never forget it. You're too important to me.

I don't think this is the end of their conversation on this, but it is certainly a good start. Seeing Bellamy and Clarke get a chance to be really friends / family members seems to be watching something by clicking in place again.

The relationships between these amazing characters have always been what makes 100 such a compelling story. Regardless of the circumstances or situations in which they are placed, their relationship with the people around them is what drives the story forward and keeps the audience returning more.

Something tells me that these relationships are more important than ever in the 100th season.


Like Octavia, Raven has lost a lot of people he loves and most places that feel at home for him. "Behind the glass" sees him taking a step back in the direction of the mechanical roots. In search of an curiosity in a couple of prime who came to the planet for mechanics: Priya and her son Ryker.

I really take pleasure in Raven actually getting his arms soiled with the machine. The truth that it’s a motorbike is a candy connection to Shaw & # 39; s, and additionally it is a niece who can also be a brand new toy.

I'm less jazzed by the idea that Raven is thrown back for an additional romance image. I need to see that Raven Reyes is completely happy as a lot as the next individual, but I don't need to see him displaced as a love query.

As long as his relationship with Shaw was refreshing, it additionally seemed to take him away from the premium stories. With the introduction of Ryker, an enthralling mechanic liable for Raven's sense of humor and intelligence, I don't need to see the similar thing happen again.

Ryker: Males of Demise, Cool

Raven: Truly, it's a misunderstanding.

If this is the Raven is the alternative to seek out themselves and discover joy when receiving to repair and build things with their arms, right here I am at 110%. And if he makes a new good friend, who can ultimately turn out to be more, I am also right here. All I need to do is see Raven's story as a heroine and not scale back the plot with someone else.

  HUN604C_0017r 100 – "The Face behind the Glass" in the image (L-R): Bob Morley Bellamyna and Tasya Teles Echo – Photograph: Diyah Pera / CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Though we are here, we dive into the only a part of this episode that seemed somewhat bit out of me. This battle between Bellamy and Echo is understandable, but feels considerably bent on the grounds of the plot's announcement.

Bellamy has all the time been a person who is aware of his emotions deeply, and typically it leads him to draw individuals close to him. Echo unloading here – in the midst of the emotional spiral that he sent to himself – is 75% of his guilt and 25% of his subsequent announcement of Echo's previous.

Bellamy: I lost my sister yesterday, it takes me a while to feel anything.

This line threw me in the loop because "yesterday" Bellamy informed Octavia that his sister died a long time in the past. So what’s it?

Echo shouldn’t be fallacious when he identified that Bellamy will overcome his selection to go away Octavia behind. It’s clear where he has revelations to certainly one of his worst nights in Octavia's life, and it has additionally been discovered to the public when he speaks of getting too many sins to bind a lantern, particularly together with his sister.

Thankfully, this scene is being adopted properly (and realistically) when Bellamy searches out Echo for forgiveness. I consider that more of this may have are available six years in one ring. Nevertheless, with out returns, seeing them by means of this trauma is now extra fascinating than simply saying it happened.

Bellamy: I hate what happened to you, but every part we've finished has brought us right here. Any longer we look ahead, not again.

I'm excited to study extra about Echo's background and how it is related to a new planet events. He and Bellamy still perceive one another in fascinating and complementary methods, each of which provides power and help when one is weak. They provide one another a protected place to interrupt if they want it; that they can be weak to each other solely to strengthen their relationship.


I feel Cillian, who’s the entire fool, thank him for being positive that Clarke Griffin is enjoyable for the first time for a very long time. The 100 Season 6 is a present for many causes, certainly one of which is Clarke's wide selection of clothes.

The moments of Clarke's pure happiness with none weighing usually are not far off. His complete dance, enjoyable and appreciation (unfortunately a crazy individual) has been lengthy overdue.

Sadly, his fun is short-lived. Though I’m very grateful for the continued Clarke's bisexuality, he’s definitely a nasty taste in men.

Cillian might not have been a nasty individual – hell by the end of this season, as a result of it has in all probability been revealed that she was on the right aspect of all this – but her plans have been presently fried at its greatest, and the motivation to sleep with Clarke is now confused by her back considering , a sort of double agent for Gabriel's youngsters.

Thank you for displaying you good occasions and giving us some enjoyable opportunities between the distinction between Russell / Sanctum and Gabriel / CoG, but Cillian, you’re a actually disagreeable spy.

Now each Clarke and all the info he has gathered on the individuals of the earth have fallen into the arms of Primie, as well as the system he was so determined to cease. They know he's at night time, they usually have a great purpose to research whether or not Madi, Abby and Echo are.

That's why we will't get good things.

  HUN604A_0009r 100 – "The Face behind the Glass" – in the image: Eliza Taylor Clarke – Photograph: Shane Harvey / The CW – © 2019 CW Community, LLC. All rights reserved.


Jordan is experiencing every thing for the first time and has loads of complicated emotions. Getting into Sanctum is the first a part of his life in life solely together with his mother and father, and the stories of their sleeping associates are mainly about the rebirth of Jordan. His life is totally different from the lifetime of the ship in each attainable approach.

He keeps the reminiscences of his mother and father alive in every thing he does – Jordan expresses all the greatest things that we keep in mind about Monty and Harper – however he additionally carries a substantial amount of guilt when he lastly will get what he needed at the expense of leaving them both behind .

She had an excellent childhood and her mother and father liked her clearly, but she needed more, and that's completely comprehensible. Now he has it, and there’s a feeling of melancholy as a result of he misplaced.

Jordan's expertise is an effective metaphor for what is occurring to Delila. The Sanctum primates are so determined to maintain the previous alive, that they’ll regularly sacrifice the future to keep their ghosts with them.

Delilah: Don't let me have a face behind the glass.

Delilah is an entire individual lively and pleasure with an exquisite, pleasant character and keenness for the world around him. However Sanctum doesn't care about it as a result of his blood makes him a viable host for certainly one of the primates.

  HUN604C_0050r 100 – "The Face behind the Glass" – in the picture (L-R): Ashleigh Lathrop as Delilah and Shannon Kook in Jordan – Photograph: Diyah Pera / CW – © 2019 CW-Community, LLC. All rights reserved.

It's a barbaric system that our Earthlings group might (and doubtless) destroy. Especially now that they've taken Clarke as certainly one of them.

Cillian's completely horrible improvisation expertise paralyzed, but absolutely aware Clarke has been taken with Lightbournes and is used for her personal selfish wishes. Literally a prisoner in his personal body, he feels that Russell and Simone make the selection to use him as a number. These moments, from Clarke's perspective, see what's coming in her thoughts.

He has no power to cease something, but I definitely assume that Russell and Simone underestimate their grasp, which they solely selected for his or her daughter.

Their despair once they make this selection is comprehensible, figuring out that they not only harm Clarke (who’s an innocent woman together with her personal phrases), but in addition resort to sequential order – what I sincerely doubt about other Primes – particularly Miranda – is ok.

We don't know the whole lot about how this know-how works, however I don't have Lightbournes both. They consider that the master's thoughts can be wiped out when the heads' consciousness is elevated, but what if this is solely true for many who have been raised to consider that this is their destiny? Clarke Griffin is definitely not a learning sheep who is convinced that he is nothing however another person.

  HUN604B_0310r 100 – "The Face behind the Glass" in Determine (L-R): JR Bourne Russell VII and Tattiawna Jones Simone – Photograph: Shane Harvey / The CW – © 2019 CW Community, LLC. All rights reserved.

As a result of Russell and Simone have decided to take Clarke with Joseph, it is probably that Josie should fake to be Clarke: each with the Sanctum individuals, so that other Primes don't know they cheated, and Clarke's friends and family retains them ignorant about the horrible body he has been in.

Russell: No more preventing Clarke, you're in peace – a greater place – simply as you stated you needed.

Abby, Madi, and Bellamy are more likely to discover that Clarke isn’t quite fast, so Josie is best off being a superb actor if he’s going to cheat these three.

There are numerous elements that would lead to this gaming in a different way than earlier than to Prime. Clarke has not only some of the strongest survival ideas, however his night time's blood can also be synthetic. Wait till Russell learns that Abby can turn them all into night time.

The concept of Griffin ladies, which brings the entire society to their knees, is a story I want to see.

Additionally it is attainable that the idea of "hosts" could come forth in the run to save the life of Kane. If Kane consciousness is put in the body of someone else, and Clarke's body is used in the mind of someone else, it is seen that Abby grabs everything in the middle, ensuring the tearing of my heart. But I wouldn't have 100 other ways.

Clarke is unlikely to lie down, and her friend and family will not let her go quietly overnight. As terrifying as this new plot turns, it could be an exciting journey to see those who love Clarke (and even those who are angry with him) to fight to save their lives when he fights to take back his body inside.

If now I am sorry, I have to assemble a board of conspiracy theory about all the things we just learned about prime.

  • Why do they keep prime skeletons? How does this science differ from what Becca created with flame? Are people allowed in this room full of skeletons? Is it a museum or is it an inner sanctuary (in the blink of an eye) that is only seen by the Primes who know the whole truth?
  • Clarke's mirror image of becoming Josephine is a perfect and perfect genius. Hats off for Tim Scanlan, all.
  • -reaching radiation shielding lanterns shot is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. This whole planet is gorgeous and dangerous, I love it.
  • Do you think Xavier left a knife for the purpose of Octavia? Where was he when others surrounded them and killed Rose? What are his motivations? I have not sold in a romance, 100 of which is clearly between the two, but I could assure you. However, the Octavian girlfriend Niylah may need a bit more convincing.
  • Gabriel is an "previous man" and no one knows whether or not he's lifeless or alive. My money is alive. However why is he isolated from the different princes inside Sanctum and from his personal youngsters?
  • I really respect that DeGraté took the time to edit the text, the place the lacking heroes have been during this era.
    • Murphy, Emori, Miller, Jackson, Gaia and eventually Madi spend the day on a transport ship
    • Abby spends this episode in the Sanctum Medical Library, in all probability pouring an answer to save lots of Kane.
  • It appears that evidently at the beginning of this episode there are only 5 lively Prime: Russell, Simone, Kaylee, Miranda and Ryker. Now Josephine and Priya have taken Clarke and Delila. Where are other Primes' minds stored? I don't assume Abby, Bellamy, Madi, and others in Earthkruys have been the solely shocked once they find out what happened to Clarke.
    • Why does Ryker ignore most of the identify-day celebrations for his mother? Is he towards this nonsense? Or was he actually engaged on a motorcycle?
  • There was a hug between Russell and Kayle to boost my eyebrows. I have little question about his love for Simon, however these individuals have been mentally alive for over 200 years. I’ve numerous questions on what has fallen between the unique prime group all the time.
  • Congratulations to Abby, Harper, Emor and Echo for with the ability to get a cave with no dying sentence for their associates. Might Clarke, Raven and Octavia break a break?
  • The Griffin-Kane-Blake family is the solely royal family I serve, thanks lots.
  • I perceive that the reminiscences of Monty and Harper survive via Jordan and different members of the Spacekru family.
  • Jordan, that coated the ears Madin, when Raven joked about him, that he had a terrific huge brother power, and I'm here for.
  • Why Does It Take 21 Years To Mind Your Thoughts To Take Prime Consciousness? How have these individuals been to be able to remove the 21-year-previous's mind for 200 years?
  • Though I feel the things they do are terribly, horribly incorrect, I can't help however really feel like Lightbournes and the other Primeers once they battle to keep the individuals they love alive.
  • I’m additionally very fancy robes for ladies here. The aesthetic of this planet is great.
  • Eliza Taylor blows our minds this yr, I’ve little question.

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