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100 Reviews: What You Take (Season 6 – Episode 9)

100 Season 6 Episode 9 -

100 Season 6 Episode 9, "What do you take with you" is an hour of tv that’s so emotionally damaging that I don't know, Can I ever watch it once more. Written by Nikki Goldwaser and directed for a long time by 100 stunt co-ordinator Michael Advantage, "What do you include" compresses the guts into an explosive blow that leaves me with a whole lot of complicated and contradictory feelings.

The brain of JC continues to deteriorate as he and Bellamy seek for Gabriel, Octavia discovers an virtually too late path to redemption, and Kane's story fills a cyclic and terrible end. Let's go to it.

100 – "What do you take with you" – Image: Marie Avgeropoulos Octaviana – Photograph: Diyah Pera / CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.


I have to confess that 5 episodes after Josephine's storage of Clarke's physique, I started to really feel that this story is back. I miss Clarke Griffin. The journey inside his thoughts was unimaginable, and Eliza Taylor's performance behind two very totally different characters has been unimaginable to observe, but I just need the actual most important character of the present back.

Josephine is an interesting, fun, and he has loads of backstoriaa, which I have invested in studying extra. But he’s also a sociopathic, egocentric one that actually cares about himself. I can't root her, I can't share her with joy or victory, nor her ache or loss. He is an indication, for which I am focused on, however he's not one that I can love. He's not Clarke.

Josephine: I've been in love with Gabriela 236 years, the final of which 70 have tried to kill me. You know, relationships.

Right now, probably the most compelling factor about Josephine is his history and the way his relationship with Gabriel has formed this society. Unfortunately, we’re nonetheless no less than every week away from this epic reunion, and a lot of the dialogue is a filler that makes us there.

Don't get me improper, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are doing an excellent job forwards and backwards with Bellam's willpower to save lots of Clarke and Josephine's gloomy outlook in their horrible state of affairs. But we already know that Josephine loves Gabriel and that Bellamy does something to make Clarke come again. All these connections have been established via The 100 Season 6.

I know that Josephine is technically the villain / antagonist of this season, and we’ve got to maintain a number of the issues he says, however his open-mindedness about Clarke's willpower to be a great individual in a method that doesn't simply sit proper. Particularly with Clarke's first action, when he will get his physique back, it’s to go to the mini-murders. In fact, it was a bit of an emergency, but I really hoped we have been over the whole part of the defeat or the 100's killing.

Josephine: All this time constructed a sanctuary for mankind and destroyed it as a result of probably the most humane factor is love.

I had begun to consider that the 100-century season 6 has really given a new and delightful spiral battle selviytymiskohdasta, which has all the time been at the coronary heart of the exhibition, but "the old man and Anomaly" and "What do you take with you," I'm starting to fear concerning the much darker shade shifts than I anticipated.

The revenue of Clarke's revenue control can also be brief-lived. We all know that his brain is rapidly weakening, and we’ll immediately assume if he and his buddies can ever break the cycle. Definitely, Sanctum had a extra justifiable share of social problems earlier than they landed, but solely once would I like to take a look at these indicators to build a home amongst themselves without serving to the opposite destroy the method.

Sure, what they do right here is incorrect. Yes, this can be a society that in all probability has to tear and rebuild. Nevertheless, I don't need Clarke Griffin's (or anyone else's) story to return again to the assumption that there are not any good buddies. I need to consider in good buddies.

An excellent man does not should be an ideal individual – an ideal individual doesn’t exist. A great man is a person who tries and learns and grows an individual who seems at every selection as a chance to be higher than earlier than. The characters that The 100 has made us love over the previous 6 years are good individuals and I need to see them succeed.

I merely can’t settle for that the morality of this story is that we are all surviving animals and that making an attempt to be more is a waste of time.


Octavia's story prices are just like Bellamy's and Clarke's stories because we go properly in the introspective journey with him, however we nonetheless don't appear nearer to anomaly.

What Octavia learns about his little acidic journey is revealing, necessary, and so mandatory that he can cross by who came from him. However again, it feels flawed that this long-standing self-information had include some strange area drugs. The top outcome exhibits him within the course we hoped for, however how we made you are feeling hollow.

100 – "What do you take with you" – within the image: Marie Avgeropoulos Octaviana – Photograph: Diyah Pera / CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Marie Avgeropolous presents unimaginable efficiency when she returns to the extremes of Octavia's character. He all the time takes us back to the scary little woman beneath the floor, which has all the time been trapped inside the walls of the warrior queen Blodreina. "What you take" additionally provides 100 fans a nice shock to Mike Seashore as Charles Pike.

Pike haunts Octavia with sincere words of wisdom and powerful clarity that requires that he look at who he really is.

Pike: We're what we've achieved and what has been achieved to us.

Octavia has carried out horrific issues, in different words extra reliable, but it is terribly painful to take a look at him so aggressively that he will get into his own anger. In his fever, Octavia chooses to stand with the woman he was before the monster he came from, literally right down to his largest demos in Pike and Blodrein.

I’m proud to see that the Octavia to take this opportunity to be a superb man, even if it's in your head. And I say somebody nonetheless defends what he and Abby did inside the bunker. I’m glad to see that the Octavia reaches this turning level, however his intrusion via this one dream is such a sudden change, that it feels by some means seems that it should have been completed a very long time in the past. It also makes Octavia's new redemption path unknown.

Octavia: Anomaly gave me another probability, and now I have to earn it.

I still have numerous hope and belief in Octavian trip goes, and I'm excited to see what is going to occur after him. I need to study the reality about Anomaly, I need to see him as the hero he's all the time been capable of, and I would like him to ultimately grow to be somebody who needs. I just hope that he has come right here on his own and never within the shadow of an alien.

100 – "What do you take with you" – within the picture: Marie Avgeropoulos Octaviana – Photograph: Diyah Pera / CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

I really like you greater than I had beloved to like

I might be trustworthy with you – I don't need to write this section. I don't need to face it. I actually discover it exhausting to consider that that is the best way Marcus Kane's life ends. However that is the best way it ends, and I know there are lots of external elements that influenced the course by which this story ended. Nevertheless, it does not make it much less harmful.

I perceive that Henry Ian Cusick hired to make numerous performances. I perceive that writers had to write Marcus Kane in a method that fits their current story. I don't understand how anyone thought this was one of the simplest ways to inform the story.

Taking Kane to drift to a larger good, brings his story and relationship to Abby in a really enterprise cycle. It brings the whole lot back to the start, and he even brings his phrase to him from the pilot. The scene is shifting and emotional, the dialogue is cracking, the whole government – particularly Paige Turco – is completely damaging. You can’t watch this scene without understanding its absolute crushing weight.

It’s a tragic end to the purest type of all intentions and purposes.

Nevertheless, none of them makes a passable finish to it. No one is satisfied that this is one that the character who has liked for years would really need to do. The story of Marcus Kane was one other risk, both literally and figuratively. The aim was to struggle for a greater individual and encourage those round you to do the same. This finish is such a hole imitation.

Abby: The man I fell in love with, a person who endangered his life time and again to his individuals, a person who found redemption for his sins, and gave us all hope that we’ll also discover redemption. who are you.

Marcus Kane, who I do know, would have fought towards a new body. He would have determined to battle again towards Prime and their barbaric methods. But that Marcus Kane would by no means have carried out this to a lady she beloved.

100 – "What do you take with you" – in the image: Adina Porter Indrana – Photograph: Jack Rowand / CW – © 2019 CW Community, LLC. All rights reserved.

There was a option to write this signal that didn’t end with suicide. There was a approach to do this in a means that did not traumatize Abby Griffin with horror by seeing that she loves her husband to suck into area. it once more.

The return of Indra has now also oscillated with the bittersweetness of the primary season of labor 6, which is designed to help his dearest pal die. No less than Indra immediately realized why Abby saved Kane on this method and expertly emphasized the glasshouse idea of bloodshed.

Kane: Why is my life value more than this man?

Indra: As a result of he loves you.

There’s a lot heartache on this story. There isn’t a approach I might contact or even understand all of them. Kane floats himself, does not save Abby, and doesn’t convey Gavin again. It does rather more hurt than good. It sends a terrible message to both Abby and the public: sacrifice is nothing, as a result of hope is futile, and the battle for love just isn’t value it.

This can be a story you tell me when you’ve gotten the character Kane so carelessly decides to do one thing like this. You have to tell him that his loved ones are higher with out him. What a horrible message is to ship to anyone. I can't speak in depth about every thing Kane chooses to commit suicide, but I know in my heart that this is fallacious.

It’s even more damaging to know that 100 can do higher. Though not all of the characters have reached an emotionally passable end when Monty and Harper's exit from Season 5 are so lovely and spectacular, we know that 100 can tell such tales. The truth that it needs to tell those who are harm will only flip the knife.


Abby is so robust, Kane is true. He's as robust as he is, however he shouldn't be. He has been so robust for therefore lengthy and the minute that he has him again and may relaxation, he ripped off him again. He shouldn’t hold him robust all the time, and his power isn’t an excuse to go away him alone.

Kane: If I lost you and will get you again, I'd in all probability do the identical.

Kaneella and Abby was one of the biggest love stories on television I’ve ever seen, and although this is not the top, which they deserved, it does not change the fact that that they had. They nonetheless liked each other greater than anything and it meant something for many people.

This is far from the last time I write about this relationship and these characters. Their tales impacted my life in so some ways, that I will all the time be grateful, and I’ll go back love for many times.

I’m so grateful that Abby's story doesn’t finish just because Kane needed to. I’m each scared and (towards higher judgment) hope for what the subsequent a part of his journey appears like. He can find mankind once more and he can carry him with him when he does it.

Abby: I want you, I really like you.

Kane: I also love you. I really like you greater than I ever thought I might love anyone.

  • Should you wrestle with suicidal thoughts, know that you are beloved. Name the National Prevention Line right here: 1-800-273-8255
  • If I hadn't just hung my clown lynx, I'll inform you that Kane's unique body continues to be on board and all my kicking theories about how it’s saved continues to be legs. Nevertheless it's in all probability safer for all of us if I take my hopes and goals and throw them into the cryopod till the top of season 6.
  • If Raven says one other character to Abby the remaining, I lose my mind. I can't take it fam, let them rest.
  • Indra and Raven, who gave Kane to Traveler Blessing, broke me into a person. Abby's actual reduce-off and trauma additionally broke me off. I want to be an exaggeration if I inform you that I've been crying about for 24 hours.
  • What was within the green box? I hope that Diyoza and Child Hope and Kane have a pleasant cold time right now.
  • Have you ever really informed me that Kane couldn't have simply advised me that the canister was out of the air? Okay, sounds bald, however okay.
  • It has been injured, because I have executed a comprehensive report options in this episode, and it was superbly written and superbly illustrated. Knit again to the unimaginable employees, forged and crew of this exhibition; you’re all unimaginable.
  • I can’t settle for that 100 tells me that love can solely be damaging. I do not accept it. Please be good associates.

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