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100 Reviews: Memento Mori (Season 6 – Episode 6)


100 Season 6 Episode 6, “Memento Mori,” tells a story at a quick tempo that mixes a number of plots and divulges a variety of new information about Sanctum. When the narration picks up the midsummer on Wednesday, "Memento Mori" manages to supply a number of moments of emotion, regardless that it doesn’t take the plot towards others.

Memento Mori is a Latin phrase meaning "remember to die." Life, dying, and resurrection are all at the heart of the 100th season, and the passing line continues into this episode when Murphy and Abby are tempted by Josephine's # 3 immortality guarantees and second probability.

At the similar time, others face demise and sorrow because they should face themselves and their mortality.

100 – "Memento Mori" – Picture (LR): Eliza Taylor Clarkella, JR Bourne Russell VII and Richard Harmon as Murphy – Photograph: Michael Courtney / CW – © 2019 CW Community, LLC.


One of the strongest themes of the 100s is the thought of ​​controlling the top or heart. In the "Memento Mori" collection, the Sanctum tales include a character that depends extra on the top, reverse to at least one that leans more in the direction of the guts.

Probably the most aggressive contradiction between Raven and Ryker. Once they return from the sector of radiation, Raven learns the truth about how Sanctum's primes have built their society on harmless our bodies.

Raven's anger is once once more absolutely understandable, and he isn’t mistaken, however this one-sided harsher than you angle has begun to turn into very quiet.

JC: I know this is troublesome, however we have now all finished issues that we aren’t proud to survive.

Raven: I'm not.

Raven is lucky that she has never needed to make such selections because she is all the time surrounded by individuals like Clarke, Bellamy and Abby who carry the load so others don't need it.

Such a black and white perspective can definitely be engaging even to the viewers of the exhibition. Personally, nevertheless, it is extremely troublesome to get in touch and makes Raven himself a caricature.

He might not have been a person who made sacrifices on the expense of different experiences, however once Raven was not alien to violence and would get his palms dirty because of his personal motives. Through the 100-season, 1 Raven was electrifying Lincoln to save lots of the Finns, and in season 2 she was able to kill Lex and start the struggle towards her.

Raven is a very good individual in his coronary heart and he has gained a justifiable share of struggles. Nevertheless it doesn't make him higher than everyone else.

What Primes does is flawed, and although Ryker is not any better than others because he continues to profit from his ascension system, Raven hardly provides him time to elucidate. Ryker appears at the very least more humane about the whole process than Lightbournes, but he nonetheless does nothing concerning the process he knows is mistaken, and he can't promise Raven that he will cease.

100 Season 6 divides totally different characters over ethical strains and examines how we work better. Because Ryker is already more emphatic than another Primes, Raven's phrases might get to him and convey him to the inevitable battle towards Sanctum.

  HUN606a_0362r 100 – "Memento Mori" – Picture (L-R): Bob Morley Bellamy and Richard Harmonina Murphy – Photograph: Michael Courtney / CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Speaking of Sanctum's Battle of Clarke, Bellamy's spiral returns to its previous heart-over-head mentality. Simply as Russell predicted, Bellamy is ready to burn this world right down to revenge.

Murphy presents a counterpoint, and while his motivation continues to be his want to save lots of his own skin, Murphy's perspective balances Bellamy's ways that make me need both.

Bellamy's heartache and anger at Clark's loss is one thing that resonates properly with the public. 100 is lastly Clarke's story and it has all the time been. While many have little question that he’ll ultimately return to us, these few episodes without him, watching Josephine manipulate those that love Clarke probably the most, have been confusing as much as they’re delicious.

Bellamy: He cared for you, Murphy. I know it might not have all the time felt prefer it, but he did. He cared for us all, and he never lets us die here.

Bellamy is so deep in his feelings as dropping his greatest good friend that he can't hear the logic from Murphy's viewpoint. Although there isn’t a right choice right here, I consider that Murphy is leaning in the direction of a better various. Their unique plan of getting hell out of Dodge and building their own colony appears to be probably the most ethical choice, and making a contract might depart the avenue open.

Monty's legacy is a large factor this season, as a result of every character interprets the phrases of his demise in his own means, motivating him and Harper to do better. Bellamy believes Monty can be ashamed of Murphy in the meanwhile, and perhaps he can be; but Monty would definitely not be concerned in Bellamy's plan to "burn down the world".

In 100 Period 5 Episode 8, "How Do We Get Peace," I consider Bellamy and Clarke's conduct and their Cavalier angle of murder are very much involved in Monty's selection to remain behind Harper and "show them how to live."

Bellamy , who performs the Monty card, has a low blow, and his (comprehensible) refusal to take heed to Murphy strictly strictly. Murphy takes care of rescuing his own ass as he all the time has, but he has grown a lot through the present, and at this point he

  HUN606a_0444r 100 – "Memento Mori" – Within the picture: Richard Harmon like Murphy – Photograph: Michael Courtney / CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC

He Actually Believes That This is one of the simplest ways to save lots of them all. Murphy loves his pals. They are as much a family as Bellamy. He nonetheless is aware of Clark's loss, although he doesn't react the identical down like Bellamy, and he doesn't need to lose anybody else.

Unfortunately, his want to guard himself and his other buddies leads Murphy to provide Josephine all of the tools he needs to control Abby.

Abby Griffin is extremely sensible and his scientific genius has typically recorded the lives of many favorites at The 100, but he’s undoubtedly a heart-led figure. And right now his coronary heart is both his biggest power and the greatest weak spot.

As a result of he wants Abby's thoughts, Josephine takes benefit of its nice heart, using all the strain points he obtained from Murphy and all the things he heard last night time to win Abby.

JC: I do know you’re accusing yourself of the daddy's dying, and I know you’re accusing yourself of what happened to Cane. Mother, I'm afraid what is going to happen to you for those who lose her and I can't lose you.

Abby is obviously not concerned with this plan, and so far as we know, she just isn’t positive that anything has occurred to Clarke. He's an unpleasant concept of ​​taking harmless life to save lots of Kane and Clarke's sudden angle to the body. But Josephine promises her feelings for both Cane and Clark and gets precisely what she needs.

Whereas it is comforting to see that the Abby watch is each Clark-like slip that Josephine does, the longer 100 keeps her at midnight with every part, the extra it serves her character

understand that Abby does not presently know the reality JC as the night time's blood plan progresses, and permit this attainable method to save Kane. But when anyone except for Bellamys or Madis have been caught in Joseph's lie, it might be Abby.

As occupied with the fact that I’m an evening of bloody story, Abby is the "whole ball game" and his passionate want to save lots of the person she loves, I also are not looking for The 100's sacrifice relationship between Abby and Clarke, I drink tea as a result of.

Some have begun to theorize that Abby understands that Clarke has something mistaken, however that he performs an extended recreation to get extra information about Prime and their resurrection system so that he can save both individuals and he loves probably the most. Although I don’t absolutely consider that it is performed precisely the same, I are not looking for 100 to have the opportunity to get Abby to rescue Clarke.

Bellamy: I take it that he doesn't know that his daughter is lifeless. It’s essential to also kill him. Do you assume the necessity for vengeance is robust? This is just one method.

Abby is the facility that needs to be taken under consideration, and Bellamy is aware of it. I like to see these two groups struggle for what's right, and I hope that this line from Bellamilla is predicting this powerful heart-duo battle that’s preventing to save lots of them from their loved ones.

The third and latest member of the membership "Clarke Griffin's Burning Heart-Controlled Characters" is Madi, and his story, "Memento Mori", takes him to a harmful path that could be very fearful about little Natblida.

I have to confess that I am not very in this Sheidhedan plot until it in any method connects us to the Becca / Cadogan story or reveals some necessary information about the place the present narration is. In the meanwhile, plainly this plot is just here leading Madia to make very dangerous and harmful selections.

I perceive that a flame is a vital a part of a brand new story in any case is making an attempt to maintain it on Mad's head in the course of the fifth season. But I would like the system to continue to drive a brand new story in new, fascinating ways that root in 100 mythology.

As an alternative, this story seems to be divided into different actions in the course of the season 6, and I attempt to perceive its objective outdoors, inflicting frustration and chaos.

Tati Gabrielle exhibits an unimaginable choice of this episode when she goes seamlessly with an instruction to treat the guts. The expulsion of Gaia creates one other story for the story and I’m wondering where he goes from here. Will he get to Diyoza, Octavia and Xavier? Has he discovered Jade in the Tender? Or will he go on a totally totally different journey?

  HUN606a_0604r 100 – "Memento Mori" – Picture (LR): Bob Morley Bellamyna and Eliza Taylor Clarke – Photograph: Michael Courtney / CW – © 2019 CW Community, LLC.

It is exhausting to score points within the heart and head recreation, as each side typically have benefit

"Memento Morissa" heads, similar to Josephine and Simone, manipulate their hearts, comparable to Abby, to let Madi permit her heart to miss Gaia's head logic, and Murphy makes use of a secure stability of both to deliver Bellamy again to mild and maintain Josephine killing him.

This towing of struggle and the best way every character is consistently shifting on a head / coronary heart scale in response to their needs and the needs of their love is a good way to inform the story that The 100 has been making an attempt to inform for 6 years. Who’re you if you end up pushed to survival limits? How far are you going to protect those you’re keen on? And what makes someone a superb man in the long run of the world?

Russell's coronary heart is in distinction to Josephine's head, and his chilling insensitivity to the sanctity of human life even extends to him because he is ready to give Bellam to murder his father in his quest for revenge. It’s this ignorance that finally takes Bellamy back in the path Murphy tries to tug him in the direction of the entire interval.

Shifting forward is fascinating to see how each character makes use of stability between his coronary heart and his head to be "good friends." Both are crucial to survival, but to life and to seek out the peace that these individuals have been on the lookout for from day one. Hearts like Abby and Bellamy play an enormous half in saving love, whereas principals like Murphy, Gaia and even Clarke are very important to maintaining them out of hassle.


Our journey to the woods doesn’t transfer any emotional story this week, however it should definitely reveal numerous necessary information about the planet and create many plots which might be more likely to take us by the top of the season.

after "Josephinuksen gospel" Afictionados started teorisoida that Xavier is just not exactly who he says he is and that he’s the truth is, Gabriel / The previous man, and the more we study him the more I’m inclined to consider that they’re right.

  HUN606b_0029r 100 – "Memento Mori" – Picture (L-R): Chuku Modu Xavierina and Ivana Milicevic Diyozana – Photograph: Jack Rowand / The CW – © 2019 CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Xavier confirms that Previous Man is Gabriel and has lots of personal info he has with Sanctum's history and inner actions. Xavier is either Gabriel or he feels suspiciously properly.

This trio consists totally of terrorists, apparently, with a tough outer areas that cowl their good hearts, and I’m here it very a lot. Xavier, Diyoza and Octavia see others in surprisingly intimate methods, which in flip makes everyone uncomfortable to know and reveal.

Xavier: I feel you don't want him to end up with history books like you.

Diyoza: You see lots.

Most of this story is transitional content material that gives info that’s helpful underneath the line. Xavier can't save Octavia yet, however he reveals a number of necessary info.

I don't assume it is a coincidence that the magic therapeutic tree is revealed in the identical episode that Abby gets an obvious answer to the "Kane problem" with numerous unfortunate languages. If Abby keeps the unique body of Cane on ice after she has downloaded the mind drive, they might use this to heal his accidents.

Clarke continues to be alive, simply trapped inside him and Josephine's united mind signifies that the hosts' brains and reminiscences stay unchanged, but no one has ever fought back before. our heroes might save all their family members, together with Primes and harmless hosts.

Another facet of Xavier, who’s Gabriel, is his announcement that "anomaly" has referred to as him earlier, the way it calls each Octavia and Diyoza now.

  HUN606b_0055r 100 – "Memento Mori" – Figure (LR): Ivana Milicevic Diyozana, Marie Avgeropoulos resembling Octavia and Chuku Modu Xavierina – Photograph: Jack Rowand / The CW – © 2019 CW Community, LLC. All rights reserved.

"Gabriel's Children", one of many warriors requested Xavier if he was going to stroll into Anomaly to seek out the Previous Man. If Xavier is Gabriel and Gabriel continues to be alive 200 years later without being a body catcher, it’s potential that he walked into anomaly and one way or the other exploited the facility of immortality on this method.

All this is still an awesome thriller, and I’m very excited to see that it reaches a fever. Will the anomaly be how Octavia meets his demons and kills Blodrein? Does it give them all immortality? Because it appears that evidently time is being directed, does anomaly send Diyoza ahead and ultimately permit her to get a child? I do not know what's next, but I can't wait to seek out out.


Clarke is alive! Although it has been just two episodes, and the instinct he’ll all the time return, it's not simply exciting to see Clarke Griff once once more.

Josephine will get the first dream he has had since he had captured Clarke's physique, and there we find our hero trapped in a literal prison sentence of his personal mind. Clarke surrounds her personal drawings of the individuals she loves and the reminiscences that hang-out her.

We now have little taste of what is occurring right now with Clarke, but for a couple of seconds it’s sufficient for the audience to be very enthusiastic concerning the subsequent episode. Josephine has confirmed himself to be fairly a fighter, but my money is all the time in Clarke through the day. No matter happens, this showdown will probably be a hundred percent epic and emotional.

  • I didn’t touch Echo's journey on this part because it appeared like every thing else. Nevertheless, it supplies an fascinating foundation and provides the public more questions about this planet and its individuals.
    • Echo, which provides grace to eat wooden, is a critical Clarke / Atom Season 1 power. 19659067] Did the complete provide of Grove / Sufferer Sanctum system require individuals to be alive once they go? I assumed it meant that this was what they did with Rose's body. What precisely do camp our bodies do for other individuals on the planet? WHAT IS THIS?
    • Please don't let Jade die like that.
  • I want a full 6-page evaluation of why Murphy's instincts are awakening to say "it wasn't for me."
  • Did Josephine really love anybody because Gabriel left? What did this reduce off appear to be? I am very prepared, that these two collide once more and study what they lead their own method.
  • Was Murphy reasonably priced to get one other chip for Emor? It's tender.
  • Murphy is in love with Bellamy, you’ll be able to't change my thoughts.
  • RIP Kaylee Lee. I miss you, woman.
  • Let Abby's doubts truly lead someplace and let her hold her coronary heart on good associates. Thanks! I am a superb individual, I don’t ask for much!
  • I really like the dichotomy that Josie recognizes between her mother and father' coronary heart / head dynamic and how she manipulates it to get her means.
  • Simone and Abby are comparable in many ways, I can't wait to see how they work together with this bloody story of the night time.

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